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Original, sehr gute promifen/clomiphene Wirkung, könnte mich gut erholen nach 12 wh. Testo. Kur nach die absetz Schema 3* 150, 7* 100, 15* 50, 15* 25
Hab gekauft um als pre Workout NO2 Ersatz und muss sagen Mega super Hammer Pump, wobei ich alle Tabletten in 4 teilen geteilt habe, also 25mg, und trotzdem sehr gut.
Jde o cenu 35 eur za celé balení: "10 X 2 mg/vials, 10 x ampoules sterile water, packed in sealed box" ?
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Asia pharma

All Asia pharma podukts have expiration 1/2017 or 2/2017 

Asia Pharma is a WHO certified pharmaceutical company established in 2007.The company manufactures and sells generic pharmaceutical products. Asia Pharma has most of its manufacturing facilities located in two Asian countries. The company produces a wide range of Human Grade Pharmaceuticals in dosage forms including Capsules, Tablets, Ointments, and Liquid Orals.

The manufacturing is done under strict WHO cGMP guidelines to ensure high manufacturing standards in producing high quality products.

-10ml vial produkst
- all tablets is 100tab in box  / 10 or 50mg/tab
- best quality 100% guarantie
- verifikation code
- production video (tablets, injection and laboratory tests) click here


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